Residential Mission Viejo Locksmith Services


Rekeying  Rekeying is the process where you change the keys that operate an existing lock or locks at your home. Rekeying is only one component among many parts of establishing your home security in Mission Viejo. You might do this when a key is lost or stolen and you want to maintain security without having to replace the entire lock. Or, you can use rekeying when you want the convenience of using the same key to operate several different locks. For example you might want the key to a front gate be the same key that is used at the front entrance.  In this case you would rekey some locks to match the key configuration of a separate lock. Be aware however, not all locks are capable of being rekeyed. If you are thinking of purchasing new door sets for your home or business, give me a call and we will recommend those companies that provide door sets are not only high quality, but can also be rekeyed. You might be able to avoid  

Cabinet Locks  Most often it is a commercial businesses that need locks inserted or replaced on cabinets. However, as anyone with young children knows, having certain cabinets secure can create a safer environment. As a locksmith in Mission Viejo, we have helped many families in Mission Viejo and surrounding communities secure medicine cabinets, gun collections, antiques and other valuables that curious hands could mishandle. And we can usually insert a lock into a cabinet without disturbing the esthetic beauty of the design.

Pool, Patio and Gate Locks  With many backyards in Orange County serving as outdoor kitchens and entertainment centers, we are often asked to secure access to outdoor areas. Not all gates can have locks inserted or changed, but we can either attach a locking mechanism to an existing gate or install a new gate that has a locking feature. Of course for safety reasons we also recommend a locking feature on pool gates.
Deadbolts  A deadbolt is a type of locking mechanism that does not use the spring bolt type mechanism that is used in most key entry locks. Without getting too technical a deadbolt is more resistant to being opened by an incorrect key or tampering. For these reasons, we often install deadbolt locks in conjunction with a spring bolt mechanism lock. There are many types of deadbolt locks to choose from including vertical deadbolts. Give us a call and we can explain the options available to you.

Keydrop Lock Boxes  Keydrop lock boxes can be a good way to give others access to a home without having extra keys in circulation. As a locksmith in Mission Viejo and surrounding communities, we have seen some very cautious homeowners who rather give domestic help, caregivers, pet sitters and others a key to a lock box than a house key. Believe it or not we have had to rekey homes when an extra key was duplicated without the person to whom the extra key was given even knowing it happened.

Keyless Entry Deadbolts  Keyless entry deadbolts are a type of deadbolt that is operated with a touchpad instead of a key. Such a lock might be useful for one entrance to the home or outdoor area so that children can have access without having to carry a key. 

Key Replacement & Key Duplicating We do provide key duplicating services and are confident we will do a better job than the local hardware store! We have heard so many people tell us that it has taken them two to three visits back and forth to the hardware store before the replacement actually worked. As a locksmith Mission Viejo residents have trusted to accurately replace keys, we can take care of your key duplicating needs too.

Keyless Access Control Systems  Such systems are very popular especially for garage doors. This is a great way to give access to secure areas without having to carry a key at all times.

Wall Safes Wall safes are terrific way to secure valuables and important documents. We can install a wall safe and do it in a way so that it is discrete and out of sight. Give us a call and we can show you various different options.

Emergency Lockouts  We are no longer available 24/7 for lockouts, but give us a call during normal business hours and if we can't make it to your home, we will recommend other reputable locksmiths in Mission Viejo.

Decorative Locks We offer many brands of decorative locks than can enhance the beauty of your home. Not only are our prices competitive with the big box stores, but we can show you some very attractive and functional decorative locks that the big box stores don't carry.

Door Repair RSM Lock & Safe can also make limited repairs to entrance doors. If the damage is considerable, we might recommend a replacement. However, give us a call before you purchase a new garage door and we will give you free estimate if the door is replaceable. If you do not need a locksmith, we can also recommend a reputable garage door company.